Yusmarag in kashmir

Yousmarg is one of the captivating meadows of Kashmir, situated 47 Kms to the southwest of Srinagar at an elevation of 8,900 ft above sea-level. Yousmarg is not just a meadow but a cluster of meadows bounded by magnificent trees in the lap of Pir Panjal mountain range. The place is simply bewitching where man is lost in nature and awed with its beauty. The place is connected by road from Srinagar via Chrar-i-Sharief. Pony riding in the meadows here is tourist’s delight. The people of Yousmarg are very simple with traditional /cultural habits and are quite hospitable for the visitors.

In past before turmoil Yousmarg had been experiencing heavy rush of tourists both domestic and foreign every year, but this profile has later come down. However, with the revival of tourism activities in the valley the inflow of both domestic as well as foreign tourist to the resort is increasing and the authority expects high response in future. The Area comprises of 23000 souls approximately.

Tourist Places in and around Yusmarg:

Nilnag Lake, Mount Tatakuti, and Sang-e-Safed are some of the popular tourist attractions of Yusmarg. Known for its beautiful blue-water, Nilnag Lake is also considered as a fantastic picnic spot. Mount Tatakuti located at a height of 15500 ft above sea level can be reached on foot or pony rides from Yusmarg. Sang-e-Safed is an oval-shaped meadow that is ideal for picnics. Travellers can also spot the beautiful meadows of Haigin and Liddermar while on the way to the site.