Bhadarwah is a town and tehsil in the Doda district, in the State of Jammu and Kashmir. It has now been given the status of subdistrict. The town is governed by a Notified Area Council (city council). The Bhadarwah valley is located in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, 80 km (50 mi) from Batote. The town is nicknamed, mini Kashmir. The town has forests and a number of small streams flowing through it. Bhaderwah is also known as Nagon ki bhoomi, which means "land of snakes.The place that “Mahanju Daru and Harappan” civilization has in Indian history, the same place with history of Dugha Nagar and Udha Nagar civilization has in the history of Bhaderwah. With capital at today’s Garh, Sungli, the ancient Bhaderwah had been a sovereign and prosperous state . Its famous cities were Dugga Nagar and Udha Nagar, which was situated where village Mounda and Sartingal are situated today. According to Vasuki Puran, when Pandavas perform the Ashumegh Yagna, the “ Samkaran” horse that would graze upon the meadows in the surroundings of holy ‘Sonabain” was taken from Sawan the then king of Bhaderwah. It is also said that a University with capacity of lodging and boarding for about ten thousand students existed exactly where the Bhaderwah University campus is built. But as has been the universal truth, the glory of Dugga Nagar and Udha Nagar did not live forever. Both perished under the red hot material of the volcano that erupted on the near by Kailash Mountain . The ruling clan however, survived. After destruction of dugga Nagar and Udha Nagar, the then king Bharat established new city and named it as “Bhadarvart”. Today’s Bhadrote is the disfigured name of that city. But after some time when the rulers of Bhaderwah abecame weak, the rulers of the adjoining Bhadu Blawar conquered them and annexed the states of Bhaderwah and Basholi(Today Present in Katthua District Of Jammu Provience) to become part of their kingdom. After wards, prince Radhk was given the state of Bhaderwah and he ruled it calling him self Raja Lakshmi Dev. This dynasty ruled Bhaderwh up to 16th generation with “ Pahar Chand” as its last king. During the Paul Dynasty rule a noble king named Nag Pal impressed Moughal King with his spiritual powers and undaunted courage. It is since then that the farmous Mela Pat is celebrated in Khakhal mohalla of Bhaderwah every year to commemorate that historical event.

Places of Interest

-Jai Valley (the Eco-Health resort)

Jai the Everlasting Green Valley lies on the North East of Bhadarwah town about 32 Kms. away connected to the town by beautiful Bhadarwah-Jai Link Road. The Valley runs in kilometers bisected by the rivulet called Jai Nallah flowing towards the Thathri Tehsil Headquarters where it merges into Kalgoni Nallah which has mighty waterfalls and rocks which pose challenge to expert rock climbers. The Jai nallah is popular for Trout Fish Culture. The stay facility for the tourists is available as "HOLIDAY VILLAGE" built by way of colorfull tented accomodation and the well designed Igloo Huts. The facility for the adventure lovers and trekkers is also available in the shape of a Youth Hostel which accomodates around 150 guests. One feels in the lap of Nature on entering the Valley from "Jai Top". The Nature's Lap is surrounded with lush green corniferous trees, towards its east lies Bhalessa Valley to be connected through Jai-Bhalessa Road with a distance of 46 Kms, the road encompasses the beautifull hunting grounds of Bachdhar. The Valley is also being linked to Kahara area through Kahara-Jai Road with a distance of 27 Kms. It is the ideal place for winter sports as it remains open to tourists even in peak summers when it remains covered under the blanket of snow. .Visitors can also pitch their tents here for weeks together and enjoy house-riding ,trekking in the cool blue waters of mountainous stream. The valley is also known for Wild Herbs like Digitalis Purea, Aconitum, Podophyllum etc. The religious temple of 'Subar Nag' and 'Roshera Mata ' are situated at a distance of 4 and 2 Kms respectively on the hillocks called Subar Dhar and Rosher Dhar.

-Bhadarwah Fort

It is a place of pride for the erstwhile kings of Chamba and Bhadarwah. The fort, which also housed several freedom fighters, inculding Pandit Kashyap Bandu, Sant Singh Teg and later former chief minister Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah. The fort, which was built in 1733. The fort was converted into jail in 1919. Latest LED based Light & Sound System is being installed in the Fort which will be one of its kind in India..


One of the beatifull landscapes named Padri lies on upcoming Bhaderwah-Chamba National Highway at a distance of 41 Kms from Bhadarwah. The landscape runs in kilometers and is ideal for adventure sports like Snow-skiing in winters and Paragliding in summers. One feels extremely delighted reaching there. It is also highest Pass on Bhadarwah Chamba National Highway (The inter-state link). The visitor must carry woolens to enjoy the beauty of Padri even in summers.

-Gurdanda - Sonbain Glacier

One of the mighty ridge falls on Bhadarwah-Bani-Basohli Road where one gets lost in the beauty of forests and grasslands. Towards its left lies the mightly Sonbain Glacier which gives birth to Neeru River where one can feel and play with the snow just having a walk of five-ten minutes even in the peak summers.It is a never ending glacier where even a little rainfall turns into snowfall in the peak summers. At Guldanda, the summer camps are being organised in colorfull tented accomodation, having a glimpse of the ridge and glacier one gets tempted to stay back.

-Sarthal- Valley

Sarthal is one of the beutiful vallies enroute Bhaderwah-Bani-Basohli Road which has now become a tourist circuit wherein the tourists divert from Lakhanpur to Bhaderwah via Bani Basohli Road after having break journey at Sarthal Valley. The route via Sarthal used to be the ancient traditional route for Bhadarwah , Bani, Basohli areas as a vital connecting link, passing through Chatergalla Pass (the Highest pass in the area) where one can have the feeling of flying just by standing at Chatergalla if one can withstand the coolest and fastest air blows. Undoubtely one must carry the woolens to withstand the cool atmosphere around.


Like Gulmarg and Pahalgam, Seoj is also one of the mightly meadows with mesmerizing natural landscape which glorifies Bhadarwah as diamond in its crown. The amazing beauty of the meadow is in its everlasting l youth . It has all variety of natural attraction in its lap. Here the long stretches of green grass lands stretch into miles and the cool, dancing air touches one’s soul, where one feels really in the Heavens and feels a longing for everlasting pleasure. Total distance of Seoj from Bhadarwah is 10 kms and the journey is taken on horseback. It takes about five hours to reach the place. The snow Glacier at Soej gives birth to the River Tawi which flows through Dudu Basantgarh and reaches Jammu. It remains snow clad during the winters and is ideal for snow games to be planned in the future .Towards its left lie Devchatra Meadows with a naturally terraced mesmerizing landscapes and towards it right is the holy KAILASH KUND (the Sacred lake for Hindus) where the Devotees have the holy dip during the Annual Kailash Yatra which initially was being celebrated for three days but know has stretched to 1 month due to the huge influx of pilgrims from within and outside the State.

-Chinta Valley

Chinta is a beautifull Valley, a lovely summer destination. This Valley is also popular with tourists in winters when its ski-slopes attract skiing enthusiasts. Chinta Valley is located 25 Kms from Bhadarwah. One can drive upto Chinta Valley and enjoy the scenic view along the way. The Valley is known as Green Bowl surrounded by Black Forests.